The Top Five Financial Mistakes when Buying a Car

For most of us, purchasing a car is a big decision, and one that comes with many micro-decisions along the way. You must think about whether you want to buy new or used, what type of car will best suit your lifestyle, and what you can afford to pay up front. It’s important to do […]

Tips for Making a Budget When Building a Home – And Sticking To It!

If you are planning on building your own home, one of the most important first steps is to make a budget for construction. If you can put together a preliminary budget it will help you to allocate your funds so that you can estimate the cost of your project. When you know what your spending […]

Money Saving Strategies That Are Actually Illegal

When money gets tight we all look for clever ways that we can save a few dollars. However, sometimes the “clever life hacks” that people use to save money are actually against the law. It’s one thing to try to cut down on your expenses, but carrying out illegal practices in order to save money […]

Is It Really Important to Start Early?

A standard refrain of pension salesmen is that the earlier you start, the better it will be for you. They always seem to be able to pull out some frightening looking projections that demonstrate the wisdom of starting your pension contributions as early as possible. Of course – they always have a vested interest in […]

Internet Defamation for Finance Companies (Infographic)

These days, it’s tough out there for business owners. Not only do you have to develop novel ways to cut through the marketing clamor, you must also deal with the Internet. “Contend with the Internet?” You ask. “But the Internet is a great, cost-effective advertising tool.” And yes, that is true. But it’s also true […]

DiscoverCard Targeted Offer $300 Cashback Bonus 2014

DiscoverCard recently sent out a targeted offer for a $300 Cashback Bonus. The offer is: Use your Discover card. Sign up by 1/31/2014. Spend $2,000 every month, from 02/01/2014 to 09/30/2014, and you’ll get $300 Cashback Bonus from Discover. It’s simple. Don’t change your spending. Just change your card to Discover. There may have been […]

Is Now The Best Time To Buy A House?

Prospective homebuyers beginning their shopping process may feel pressured by the widespread belief that it’s the best time to buy. Although mortgage rates are at significant lows, there are more factors to consider before buying. Individual financial circumstances aside, it is a great time to buy because purchase prices aren’t through the roof and mortgage […]

Raising Money Smart Kids

Do you worry about the pressure of making the right choices to when it comes to creating debt? Do you understand the importance of money sense? Are your children able to budget their money or are they led by peer pressure into spending money? Today’s society is all about having access to credit, but that […]

Tax Refunds Or Not?

This debate continues, do you pay more each month for your taxes and look forward to the rebate or pay enough hoping that you don’t own any more money to the tax man? There are pros and cons for both options as to the best action to take, but many people are feeling the pressure […]

High Frequency Trading

High-frequency trading (HFT) is a type of algorithmic trading, specifically the use of sophisticated technological tools and computer algorithms to rapidly trade securities Understanding some of the different ways of trading in the stock market can open your eyes to the opportunities that exist. Learning how you can make your capital grow at the rate you are […]