2005 1st Quarter Expenses

By | April 11, 2005

Here’s a report of the monthly expenses year-to-date.

Expenses Jan-05 Feb-05 Mar-05 Total
Bills 640 644 708 1,991
Entertainment 224 101 236 561
Food 326 270 461 1,057
Gifts 200 214 200 614
Medical/Dental 70 306 55 431
Shopping 253 204 -108 350
Taxes 693 702 833 2,228
Transportation 105 111 115 331
Others 265 150 158 573
Total Expenses 2,775 2,703 2,659 8,137

Bills – Utilities/Rent
Entertainment – Movies/Social Events
Food – Groceries, Dining out, any thing I eat
Gifts – Money or expenses of gifts I give to others
Medical/Dental – Premium, co-payments, prescriptions
Shopping – Clothes, computer stuff, anything I buy
Taxes – Federal, State, Local, FICA
Transportation – Traveling Expenses

I ran this report in MS Money, which I use to keep of my daily expenses. The only thing I don’t like is that the report does not show the money I pay back to my student loans. It only shows the interest, and counts the principal repayments as a transfer from my checking account to my loan account, so I manually added that to the report above. (It’s included in the Others field. My minimum payment is low.) My food expenses went up a lot last month, because I have been eating out more. I usually dine out more during spring and summer. As for gifts, I give $200 minimum to my parent every month. My health expenses shot up in February due to my prescriptions. It’s interesting that I had a negative amount under Shopping in March. That’s because I returned something I purchased in February. My taxes withholdings went up slightly in February b/c my company is paying for gym and I have to pay taxes on that. In March, I got a pay raise, and that increased my tax withholdings significantly — 18%.

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