The Best Places To Hide Cash At Home

stacks-of-cash.jpgI recently saw the movie, Mad Money and one of the interesting parts in this movie is how they hide money. The main characters in the movie have illegally taken many bags of money home. They have to find a way to keep the cash from view, so they fill up every drawer and cabinet in their house with cash.

If you have a large stack of cash to put away, where would you hide them? There are people today that still do not like keep money in the bank. These people would store cash at home, in places that they think nobody can find.

How do you hide money so that thieves or robbers would not find them? You want to make sure that you hide your cash in a secret location that only you know about and nobody else knows.

A very popular place to store cash is under the mattress. In the old days, people always put important things under their bed. Now, everyone knows about the under-the-mattress secret location, and that has become a high-risk location now. People have to be more creative and think of new places to hide cash. Here are some examples of places to consider a spot for hidden cash.

Living Room

  1. In a self-created mouse hole in the back corner and cover it with paint
  2. In a concealed flap behind the television cabinet
  3. Underneath the couch, in an inside pocket
  4. Underneath your wood floor, in a self-created spot
  5. Inside a concealed compartment of a large table


  1. In a self-created compartment in one of the higher cabinets
  2. In a hard to reach area, probably at the top of the cabinet, blocked by many food items
  3. Underneath the sink, behind the pipes
  4. Behind the oven/stove
  5. Behind the refrigerator


  1. Behind the mirror, before the wall (not inside a cabinet)
  2. Inside a medicine box on the top shelf of the medicine cabinet
  3. Behind the toilet, or inside the water tank, in a tightly sealed box/bottle
  4. Underneath the sink, behind the pipes


  1. In a self-created mouse hole in the back corner and cover it with paint
  2. In a self-created compartment in a closet
  3. In the pockets of an old jacket (identifiable for you) in the back of the closet
  4. In a  shoe box (identifiable for you), among many other shoe boxes
  5. Inside or under a desk lamp table
Share your thoughts below and let us know what you think is the best way to safely and secretly store cash at home.