TD AMERITRADE Launches App on Mobile Phones

TD AMERITRADE offers mobile apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows phone and Android. You can check your stock quotes and trade stocks on your mobile phone. TD AMERITRADE boasts a better experience with the new app.

The Mobile App allows you to monitor the market with dynamic features, including:

  • Charts
    Conduct insightful analysis with customizable charts with hundreds of studies.
  • Instant info
    Sync your strategy with the market by watching market news and accessing real-time quotes including futures and forex.
  • Alerts
    Set alerts to snap up possible opportunities to place stocks, ETFs and multi-legged options orders.

One Comment

  1. Geoff says:

    We just launched a new iPhone app called Wikinvest Portfolio Manager. It syncs directly with multiple brokerage accounts (including TD AMERITRADE) and lets you see stock quotes and market news in real time. Check it out!

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