3 Ways to Save Money on Last Minute Deals

By | December 21, 2013

The shopping season kicks off earlier every year, but consumer often find it difficult to complete their holiday shopping on time. December is full of excuses including work, football games, and parties to avoid shopping until the last minute. According to Consumer Reports (2012), more than 17 million Americans shopped on Christmas eves and up to 132 million left shopping for the last week. If you are yet to shop for Christmas travel and shopping, it is time to save money with some amazing last minute deals.

3 Ways to Save Money on Last Minute Deals

3 Ways to Save Money on Last Minute Deals

Find Last Minute Deals on Hotels

If you are planning to travel this Christmas season, it might be an excellent idea to look out for some last minute hotel deals. You can save money with some winning strategies and last-minute offers. Let us start with some hotel booking deals.

  • Apps for Booking: Use technology to the maximum extent. Several apps can help you find last minute deals. You can find hotels offering best deals in every city and choose the best bargain. You might even get discounts of up to 25 percent with these smart apps.
  • Walk-in early: It might be an excellent idea to reach your hotel shortly after booking a room. Most of the hotels offer complementary services or upgrades for your patients. Some customers even get suite upgrades after waiting for just 15 minutes.
  • Prefer chain hotels: You can find royalty bonus in chain hotels along with a host of free services including Wi-Fi, breakfast, and parking deals. Chains like Quality Inn allow discounts for their regular customers.

Find Last Minute Flight Deals

Are you planning to fly away to your grandparents this Christmas? Good news is that you can always find last minute deals and bargains on flights booked in the holiday season. Here are some excellent tips to find last-minute flight deals and saving money on air travel.

  • Take a flight on Christmas: It might seem weird but flights on Christmas cost a lot less. You can save up to 40 percent on holidays and reach your home in time.
  • Check last minute flight websites:  Some vacation sites can help you save money on flights, hotel bookings, and holiday packages. You can find deals with up to 70 percent off on last minute deals. Choose sites like fly.com to find the best flight deals and average flight price for your route.
  • Choose overnight flights: If you are travelling throughout the holiday season, it might be an excellent idea to choose an overnight flight. These flights cost less and you don’t have to book a room for the night.

Find  Minute Deals for Christmas Shopping

It’s nearly impossible to complete the Christmas shopping until the last week. If you Christmas baskets are still empty, here are some excellent last minute shopping tips.

  • Check on-line deals: Most of the website offer addition discounts on Christmas and all you need to do is a little research. You can find discounts on most of the must-have gifts of the season.
  • Signup for emails and newsletters: On-line websites offer discounts to their loyal customers. It is best to sign up for the weekly newsletter and find amazing last minute shopping deals.
  • Cash back sites: Site like Quidco offer cash back on shopping, which means you save extra money on shopping. Make sure to find cheapest deals and use your loyalty points to maximum.
  • Shop on weekdays: You can avoid weekend rush by visiting your local supermarket on a weekday. You might even find exciting deals and shop with comfort.

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