5 Places to Hide Christmas Money

By | December 20, 2013

With the Christmas season around the corner, it is time to buy gifts and give money. You might be busy buying gifts for some of your favourite friends and neighbours. However, your biggest concern will be to hide money from burglars. Holiday season often experiences an increase in thefts and housebreak in’s. Do you know how to hide money and keep it safe? Most of the people prefer keeping some emergency money in their home. If you have some cash in the house and looking to stash it safely, here are some important factors that you need to consider before hiding your money.

5 Places to Hide Christmas Money

5 Places to Hide Christmas Money

5 Interesting Places to Hide Your Money

Unlike earlier days, hiding money under your mattress is an age-old practice, although it might work when you are asleep, but what if you are not in your house. If you are not planning to spend a couple hundred dollars on a safe, here are some excellent hiding places.

  1. Store money in the freezer: It is quite often to find people hiding their money inside the freezer. It might sound funny, but stashing your money inside a freezer is an excellent idea. Wrap your money in aluminium foil or a zip lock bag, and store it within your freezer. Try to put it at the bottom and you can even choose food cans for disguise.
  2. Secret floorboard: If you are planning to hide a bag full of cash or small box, floorboard is the best place. No one would suspect it and there are nearly zero percent chances that the thief would take the pain to check your entire floorboard. However, make sure to keep a landmark so that you might not end up plugging all the floorboards out.
  3. Animal food supplies: If you have a dog, it might be an excellent idea to place money inside do food. It is highly unlikely that someone would even approach your dog’s food supplies. Moreover, with a dog in your house, you already have primary protection from burglars. You can store the food bag in your basement or store.
  4. Photo frames: During a housebreak, thieves or burglars look out for items that hold considerable value including gadgets, wallets, and jewellery. If you are not sure about where to hide money, it might be an excellent idea to put your money inside photo frames. Make sure to spread it along different frames for safety purpose.
  5. Fake electrical outlet: If you are planning for creative secret hiding places, you can try out a fake electrical outlet. These outlets resemble normal outlets but offer an excellent place to hide your cash. You can do creativity with fake air vents or drains within your house.

3 Tips for choosing a great hiding spot for your cash

You might be excited to try out some of these hiding spots, however, thieves too have access to internet. They can look out for common spots or ideas that people use for hiding their cash. You need to consider some important factors while hiding money.

  • Choose multiple hiding spots: If you are planning to hide away $1,000, it is best to choose 3 to 4 different hiding spots and distribute the money evenly. There are chances that the criminal might give up after finding a single spot and consider it your complete stash. You might even try famous hiding places as bait against your thief.
  • Calculate access time: One of the primary concerns of a thief during a housebreak is to get out as fast as possible. Choose hiding spots, which might take some extraordinary time to find. For an instance, hiding money in your roof cavity is best because the thief might not have the sufficient time to reach out for a ladder for the same.
  • Avoid common hiding places: On top of everything else, make sure to avoid common hiding places. Most of the thieves start with common places like a bookshelf or the undersides of your drawer. If you are choosing a diversion safe like a fake sink drain bottle, keep it in the kitchen with other cleaning supplies rather than keeping it in front of everyone.

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