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By | March 1, 2007

Who are you?
I am an ambitious guy who is passionate about building wealth. My aspiration in life is to succeed in the business world. I want get out of the rat race and become financially independent. I am working hard to reach my goals.

What is your background?
I am in my mid-twenties. I live and grew up in New York City. I attended all my schools in New York City. I have a bachelor’s in Computer Science from a reputable University. I used to think that computer positions would make me good money, but now I know where the money is. I study the stock market during my own time and I love learning about investing. Computers have become more of a hobby to me now; business is where my life is.

What do you do for a living?
I am currently a Business Analyst for a large government project in New York City. I used to do database and reporting work, but I have shifted my focus towards the business end. My next position would have more involvement with business.

Why did you start this blog?
When I graduated college, I carried to the real world a lot of debt. The debt started accumulating and I had to repay them.
I wanted to keep track of my student loans. I started out with 30K in student loans and I established a plan to pay them off. I gave myself a deadline and a road map to achieve the goal. Fortunately, I was able to meet my goal and cleared out my student loans in November 2006.

Then I started to write more about investing and investment ideas. I turned it into a money blog with a strong emphasis in investing, because I believe investing is a key to growing wealth.

How did you come up with the blog name, Growing Money?
When I started trading stocks I was hoping to make money off every trade, and then take the profits to make more money. I wanted to grow my money, so when I started this blog I thought of the name, “Growing Money.”

The growing money idea goes like this. I would take the first dollar I start with and turn it to two dollars. Then I want to take the two dollars and turn them to four dollars. And then take the four dollars and turn them to eight dollars. And so forth, until I reach enough dollars that will allow me to become financially independent.

Has starting this finance blog helped you in any way?
I’m not sure if it has helped me directly, but I can see myself grow. In the first year of my financial blog, I was trying to get out of debt. During my second year, I talked a bit about stocks, but I had little money. A year later, I bought a single-family rental property and covered real estate topics for a while. Now, I have a strong focus on stocks and businesses. And I can see myself shifting more to business topics as I gain more wealth. I think this may be the path to my financial success.

What are your goals?
I strive to build a successful global business that covers USA, China, India, Russia, and Brazil.

My ultimate goal is to have a huge, growing passive income and live in a lavish lifestyle without working. Ideally, I would be collecting rent from my real estate properties and payouts from a portfolio of high-yielding dividend stocks.

How much do you want to make in your goals?
I hope to make enough so that I would not need to worry about money again. I think a good number would be ten million dollars.

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