Ads On YouTube Now

By | August 24, 2007

YouTube has started to post ads on their website. Not too long ago, my friends asked me why Google buy YouTube. I figured they must have some insane idea to make money off YouTube, since Google paid $1.65 Billion for the takeover. I bet that YouTube will have ads on their website soon, and they will most likely come up with an interactive way to display the ads. Yesterday, I saw ads for the first time, right next to the video (see screenshot). The ads only appear in certain videos now, not all the videos, but I think it’s only a matter of time before ads are used more frequently in the YouTube site. YouTube is a shortcut in the main screen of the iPhones and has become the favorite site for many people. YouTube has become so popular now, the advertisers are going to pay a premium to advertise their products/brands.

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