Altantic City

By | May 31, 2005

I went to Atlantic City over the weekend with my friends and we went to play Texas Hold ‘Em in . It was the first time for one of my friends so I accompanied her at the 2/4 table. There were two seats available on the table so we sat there. On one of the games, my friend had pocket Aces. She kept raising but she lost to someone who had a straight. On the next immediate round, I had pocket Aces . It was a total coincidence. There was another Ace on the flop so I raised the bet. I claimed the pot with 3 Aces. My friend was so pissed because she lost with pocket Aces on her round. On another hand, I took out a trip Jacks with a full house of Four’s. It was pretty fun. I doubled my initial funds at one point, but I gave some back later on. I started to lose my patience after three hours of sitting there and started chipping away money. My friend lost all her money before me and we left at that point. She was complaining about about her loss and her hand with the pocket Aces, so I bought her desserts to make her feel better.

I played a little bit of roulette and won some money there. I bet very little though. When it comes to gambling, I play ultra conservatively and I have a cap. In the very end, I netted around $40. One of my friends lost over $200 and was very upset. Another one won over $400 and took all of us out to dinner.

So, as you can see. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but always remember: Casino is not a place for you to get rich. Play for entertainment, not greed.

The best thing you can do is to practice online with fake money first before you try the casino. You can even practice online and play free card games. This way you can learn and sharpen your skills first before playing with real money. And those free games are also good ways to test your strategies. Good luck!

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