Amazon Credit Card 5,000 Bonus Points March 31, 2011

By | February 14, 2011

The Amazon Credit Card from Chase sent me a special offer to earn an additional 5,000 Bonus Points when I spend $3,500 or more with my Rewards Card between January 1st and March 31st, 2011. This is in addition to the points I already earn.

5,000 Bonus Points = $50 Check or Selection of Travel and Dining Gift Cards

My credit card earns:

  • 3 points for purchases at
  • 2 points for Gas, Dining, or Drugstores
  • 1 point for everywhere else Visa credit cards are accepted.

This appears to be a targeted offer and there are other offers, including a an offer to earn 2,500 points for spending 1,500 by March 31, 2011.


Update 4/20/2011: I spent a little short of the $3,500 by March 31 and did not qualify for the 5,000 Bonus Points.

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