Amazon Prime: Buy Now, Before The Increase

By | February 7, 2014

For those of you that have felt the benefits of Amazon Prime, you might like to share this great saving that Amazon offers before the increase in price. Like many companies, Amazon is feeling the pinch. There is speculation that Amazon is losing money each time they charge customers because of the price of shipping.

Amazon Prime

It is estimated that Amazon is only getting around 50% of what it actually costs to ship goods to their customers. For many companies this just wouldn’t be allowed to continue, but for Amazon it is one way to ensure the growth of the company.

Act fast

You will need to act fast if you want to take advantage of the Amazon Prime deal at the low price of $79, this is set to rise. Even Amazon has indicated that the price might rise by as much as $40 each year. It will then pose question to those people that use the service, is it value for money at that price?

The reason that Amazon has accepted this loss in the price of the delivery for Amazon Prime customers, is on average they spend twice as much each month on products and services. This increase in sales is great news for Amazon; they just need to find the balance of great service and a great price.

It was revealed in the 3rd week of December Amazon welcomed more than a million customers to their Prime deal; this is just a fraction of the customers that have already signed up to and regularly use the service.

With the service, you are entitled to free delivery on certain items that you purchase, this can save you money each month if you are a frequent shopper. But it is important to do your sums, you must be making a saving otherwise it is not worth the expense.


As with all deals you need to check that you will make the saving, because if you don’t use Amazon regularly then you are not going to benefit from being a Prime customer. Check what is covered and if that meets your needs before signing up.

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