American Express Statement Balance Credit Transfer Feb 2010

By | February 16, 2011

My American Express Plum Card was closed last year, but because it has a credit balance of $0.09, I have been receiving the statement every month since. AmEx does not issue checks for balances less than $1.00. I called AmEx and asked them to transfer the balance credit to another active credit card under my account. They allowed me to do it and transferred the statement credit to my AmEx Blue Card. I thought AmEx has scored again in their customer service department. Another thumbs up for American Express.

Summary: American Express allows you to transfer your statement credit from one American Express credit card to another American Express credit card under the same name within the same American Express department.

Note: You cannot transfer your statement credit from a “true” American Express credit card to say, a Fidelity American Express credit card, because they are not handled under the same department.

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