Article: TOP 13 Money Saving IDEAS Of All Time

By | April 26, 2007

TOP 13 Money Saving IDEAS Of All Time

Comments for the article:

Stop using illegal drugs: Totally agreed.

Stop Gambling: Totally agreed.

Sell everything you own and move in to the hills:
If you don’t want a life.

Eat one meal a day:
I would rather recommend to eat 3 meals of smaller portions.

Stop buying things:
Mostly Agreed. Some people really have a lot of crap at home.

Save a Bunch of Money on your Car Insurance:
Not practical if you drive daily.

Stop Buying Items from People Who Come to Your Door:
Agreed. On top of that, sell them your items.

Stop all Newspaper Subscriptions Now: I don’t like the idea of stealing. Instead, I recommend reading free news online or free newspaper.

Turn Off All your Lights: Good for newly weds, not practical for most people. Bad for your eyes.

Stop Using So Much Toilet Paper: Depends on your size. Hygiene is very important people!

Don’t Use ANY Toilet Paper At All: Disgusting!! However, if you are environmentally friendly, I recommend using a bidet. If you are rich and environmentally friendly, buy this.

Stop Using Your Cel Phone: Somewhat agreed. Night-time minutes are usually free. During daytime, use the company phone or something.

Drink More Coffee: Hmm… I’m disappointed at Hazzard. Judging from his above ideas, I would expect him to say, “Save money on coffee. Slap yourself to keep awake.” When I was in grade school, I knew a kid who slapped himself to wake up in the morning. I do not recommend it, but people have all kinds of ways to do things. Go figure.

One thought on “Article: TOP 13 Money Saving IDEAS Of All Time

  1. Willster

    I prefer a combination of self-slapping, coffee, and an apple (which is supposed to wake you up even more than coffee, but I like a backup plan just in case).


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