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Trouble Hits Switzerland’s Banks

The credit crunch has harmed a number of banks worldwide and Switzerland has not missed its fair share of problems. The second largest bank in the country has announced that it is making a loss in the final quarter of the year. But this problem has not just originated in America, because of the amount… Read More »

Salary Freeze: What It Means In Economic Terms

A salary freeze is supposed to be a short-term move that can enable a company that is in financial difficulty to prevent the wages increasing at the demise of the company. The idea is to suspend any normal pay increases for a period until the company is in a better financial position. The reactions from… Read More »

World Market Trends

There are exciting world trends that are happening around the globe that allows growth, development and the chance to make money. There is more to making money than just on the world stock markets; other areas are taking the world by storm. Cryptocurrency market trends A great example of this is the popularity of the… Read More »

Adjusting Market Share

‘Investment is time, energy, or matter spent in the hope of future benefits.’ According to Wikipedia However, when you are considering adjusting your market share there is only one reason for the change. This is change in your own personal circumstances. This should be the only time that you should consider moving your investments or changing… Read More »

Good Credit Or Bad Credit

It is important that you understand the meaning of good credit; it is possible that you can have good credit and bad credit; it depends how you use the credit and how well you pay the debts that you owe. What is a good credit score A good credit score is part of the information… Read More »

Budget Clashes

Paul Ryan’s budget clashes with the ideas of the Republican Party. They want to cut spending and this goes against the Democrats who want to build protection into the budget. But what would the budget, that Ryan is suggesting, do for Americans? Drop the income tax from the rich taxpayers down to 25%, this is… Read More »