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International Monetary Fund Issues A Report On Financial Industry

A recent report issued by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) indicates that the regulations, which are currently in place and supposed to protect the Western Banking Systems, could potentially do much more harm than good in the long term. The IMF even goes as far as describing them as ‘mutually destructive’; this is not a… Read More »

Successful Retirement Investing

Retirement investing is an important option to consider, it allows you to have an income at a time of life when you won’t be working. Successful investing is not a secret that only a few people truly understand, it is there for all to enjoy, and following a few rules will help you create a… Read More »

Burial Insurance Plans

Protecting your family from costs incurred when you die can have many benefits. It will allow a set amount of money paid towards the cost of your funeral expenses. However, are these polices worth the money that you end up paying? Burial insurance plans can give you peace of mind. You know all your funeral… Read More »

US Tax Rules For Cryptocurrencies

The IRS has recently announced their position for the tax rules that will cover the cryptocurrency markets. This is covered in their recently published report that looks at and describes in detail, the tax implications that you need to consider when you use cryptocurrency. The IRS is treating the cryptocurrency similar to how they currently… Read More »

Lloyds Shares Up For Grabs

In 2008, the UK government bailed out a number of financial institutions to prevent them from collapsing. What is great news for the Lloyds group is the government is looking to reduce the amount of shares they currently own. This is because the price for the shares is at a higher point than what they… Read More »

The Interesting Facts Of Ben Bernanke

Sometimes it is difficult to see the impact one person can have on the economic outlook of the modern world. But what if you look at an economist, they are the ones that look at the way the world is running and how it can have an effect on the lives of many, because of… Read More »

Federal Reserve Sponsors Jackson Hole Economic Symposium

Since 1978, there has been an economic symposium in Jackson Hole Wyoming, and the Federal Reserve has sponsored this event since 1981. This event is attended by the financial minds of the world, from leading banking experts, to the academics that analyse the economic data. But it is an event that is restricted to the… Read More »