Bill Gates's Top 10 Rules For Success

By | November 13, 2015

Happy Friday!! Welcome to another edition of educational Fridays, where we will post up material (videos, infographics, links, etc) to help you learn more about passive income and investing.

This video below, by Evan Carmichael, highlights the best rules for success from Bills Gates.

Bill Gates’s Top 10 Rules For Success:

1. Have energy

2. Have a BAD influence 

3. Work hard

4. Create the future

5. Enjoy what you do

6. Play bridge

7. Ask for advice

8. Pick good people

9. Don’t procrastinate

10. Have a sense of humor

My favorite rule is #5, “enjoy what you do,” because you will be doing it for a very long time and there will be times that will get very tough, so you better be passionate about it. My second favorite is #8, “pick good people,” because you need talented people to execute your best ideas. Which rule do you like the most?

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