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By | May 31, 2005

I still wonder what the point of BlogShares is. It looks interesting though, so I signed up for an account, nonetheless. I’m trying to claim my blog, too, and I should receive 1000 shares for claiming it. I looked at some of the richest BlogShares member there. The amounts look ridiculous. Take a look at the top five:

  1. Laila (B$953,060,218,869,094.00 total value / B$52,087,283,139,722.40 cash balance)
  2. mars/iris Securities (B$733,775,913,201,747.00 total value / B$8,892,079,668,602.45 cash balance)
  3. PnP (B$582,102,492,984,145.00 total value / B$116,831,035,031,531.00 cash balance)
  4. Jim Wright (B$562,571,781,540,032.00 total value / B$2,870,494,361,375.48 cash balance)
  5. Stan Dandyliver (B$465,554,211,582,388.00 total value / B$49,735,722,143,598.60 cash balance)

Laila has a higher value than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet combined (assuming B$1 = USD$1). I added this to the right side bar.

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