BlogShares Value Go Up

By | June 8, 2005

Looks like my BlogShare value is going up. It’s currently value at $4,402.51. Price is at B$40.84 and P/E is 46.38.

Most of the shares were sold out. JLP is now the biggest owner of the “company.” It’ll be interesting if he could buy 51% of the shares and buys me out. Then he’ll do a hostile take over.

I notice there are Ideas and Artefacts in BlogShares. I have no idea what they are for. I still don’t know what is the purpose of accumulating all the B$. It’ll be cool if you can trade the B$ for merchandise.

4 thoughts on “BlogShares Value Go Up

  1. Smarty

    I’m sure you do, JLP. You could buy real companies with that amount you have in BlogShares. =)

  2. e-gold

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