Book Review ‘Happy Money’ By Elizabeth Dunn And Michael Norton

By | November 11, 2013

This is not your usual book on money and this means that there is not going to be copious pieces of advice on what the next best thing to invest your money in. Well that’s the impression you might get at the beginning.

But what the authors have done is to look at what people are spending their money on and how it affects them emotionally. If you are looking at this side of money you might reconsider what your options are and how it will be best to spend your money.

This will give you more to think about than the usual book on money and it will certainly make you question your beliefs on money. The book looks at what makes us happy and after much research the conclusion normally is that the items that you have spent money on in the hope that it will make your feel better, in reality they don’t make you any happier than what you were before you spent the money on the latest gadget. So with this information in mind it might make our lives better when we refuse to purchase the next best thing.


ISBN: 9781851689989 Price £10.99

If you are able to realise that material things are not going to make you any more happier than what you already are, you might start to think about the other options that you are then able to do with the money that you have got. You will be more financially stable and able to start growing money rather than spending the money that you have got.

The titles of the chapters give a great insight into the meanings and this means that there could be something that catches your eye.

  • Make it a treat
  • Buy time
  • Pay now, consume later
  • Invest in others

For me these managed to catch my attention and drew me into the depth of the book. You might find this book more difficult to dip into when you are looking for some advice, but if you are planning to just read it through it can offer a different perspective, one that you might not have previously considered.

The principles in the chapters are there to make you think and you certainly do this in a way that you might not have previously thought. Sometimes I would like to go out and spend money, but I know at the end of the day it wouldn’t make me happy so I just don’t. This book has helped to re-enforce some of my thought and feelings that I have had for many years and this did make me feel good.

This reaffirmation that what I have thought and believed for many years means that I can feel good about myself and my ideas and feelings about money. Reading this book made me feel that at last I have found someone else that thinks about money like me. It is like receiving an A grade in an exam, conformation that there are other people like me in the world!

The book flowed really well and I like the way that it enticed me to read further and giving great examples as to how they were expressing the research that they had compiled. It makes you think about what they have spent their time researching and this is important part of getting their message across to those that are reading the book. It is about getting someone to think before they make the next big purchase because no matter what you are feeling this purchase isn’t going to make you happier than what you already feel.

One of the examples the book talks about is the tradition of increasing the size of your home, you start of in the smaller home and as time goes by you swap for the bigger property. But in truth moving home doesn’t give you any more sense of happiness unless you are moving for more personal reasons.  I think the reasons of moving home can be justified for happiness if there has been a negative point to the home that you are in. But it is not that the home has done anything wrong it can just conjure up those negative feelings. It is possible to move forward in the same property under some circumstances and that can take time, in essence it is like forgiving the home and letting go of those feelings.

I think the main point here is that you don’t need to spend more money on material things, it might make you worse off financially and that could have a negative impact on your feelings for your new home.

This book is looking at money from a completely different angle and that can sometimes be difficult to comprehend, it is not about making more money but looking after the money that you do have. You don’t need the latest gadgets, or the most up to date items of clothing. So, if you can think this through it will give you access to creating the budget and the ability to have more money so that you can make it grow. It will allow you to look at the money that you have available in a new light and this might be the turning point that you have been looking for.

If you are finding money difficult and you are looking for a deeper meaning to money then this book might just have the answers you are looking for. I highly recommend reading this book and I am going to spend many months just going back over the different aspects of the book to make sure that they are embedded in my mind as they can take a lot of in depth thinking about.

This is one book that I will want to read again, it is not something that you can necessarily thumb through, but I tend to read with Post It notes and make different pages of interest, it then means when I am looking for an article I can normally find it very quickly.

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