Book Review: Profit From China

By | March 14, 2007

I received a complimentary copy of the book, Profit From China in December. Unfortunately, I was so busy I had not had a chance to read it until March. Thanks to Peter from John Wiley & Sons for sending me a copy.

Profit From China talks about the growth and opportunities in China. It illustrates the kind of pace china is growing at and predicts what China will be in the near future. After reading this book, I became more interested in investing in China.

For specific investments, the book recommends buying PetroChina (PTR), Bunge (BE) and iShares MSCI China Index (FXI). China is growing through a huge growing phase and is consuming a lot of oil and resources.

The book also talks about The Investment U’s Philosophy to a successful investing. One principle is a Trailing Stop Strategy of 25%. This is when you put a trailing stop of 25% on a stock to protect your profits or limit your losses from 25% off the peak. Another principle is Position Sizing. You should not have more than 2% of your portfolio in any individual stock. And the other principles are Emotionless Investing and Asset Allocation.

The book was easy to read and short enough to finish in a short time. It took me a few days, because I read it only during my train rides, but it could be finished in one sitting.

Recommended: Yes

Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this review. The contents on the post are entirely opinions of the blogger.

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