Book Review: “Where To Put Your Money” By Jonathan Reuvid

By | September 25, 2013

This book was published in 2005 and even though it is a few years old now it is still packed full of useful information on investments. It is based on recieving  a win fall of money and it is where the best places it might be to invest. The original price of the book is £8.99, which in today’s market is still a good value price for the quality of the book.

It is focusing on the English markets and it has been published for the investment point of view that it is coming from a UK win. However this is still a book that is full with some very useful ideas about investing any money.

It is split into some very different aspects of investing and borrowing money too. It doesn’t tell you what you should put your money into but what the reason behind certain investments and the potential that they could offer. Reuvid is very quick to point out that investment is a risky business and it is not suitable to invest if you do not have the knowledge with which to do so, it is always better in these instances to find a professional that you can trust.

There are certain areas of the book which seems outdated and any one that was reading the book for the first time would be able to pick out the important and current information. It will give any reader the building blocks with which to build their knowledge. It is not a book for those that already have vast knowledge and wanted to improve, it is a basic first step book, something that you might pick up if you were completely unsure as to where to begin.

Even though the title claims that it will tell you where to put your money, it doesn’t go into too much detail, it is more about showing the different options that are available.

It is a well written book that is easy to read and not something that you will find difficult to understand. But it is filled with annoying adverts, they are all money related, but they are placed throughout the book and they can become a distraction as to the actual quality of the book.

Over all I was pleased that I was able to read the information contained and I found his style very easy to follow. I am looking forward to reading some more current titles that have been published by the same author.

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