Brokerage Firms Comparison

By | July 19, 2005

Ameritrade vs. Scottrade

When I was out of town on a trip, I wanted to check my portfolio over the phone since I didn’t have access to the Internet. I called Ameritrade and they told me there was no phone support. I was very disappointed. A big financial firm like Ameritrade that does not allow me to check my account status upset me. I would expect them to at least have an automated system that I can get access to my account and stock quotes. I had wanted to trade stocks over the phone, but I couldn’t even get access to my account.

I called Scottrade next to check my account. I have a small amount in there so I didn’t care as much. Surprisingly, I was connected with a live operator and he helped me with my demands. Not only did he tell me my account balance, he gave me stock quotes to other companies I requested. I was pleased with their customer service. And I would recommend them to anyone who travels and want to stay updated with their account.

5 thoughts on “Brokerage Firms Comparison

  1. Money Turtle

    That’s not good… I use TD Waterhouse for most of my trades. I really like them, good customer support and research. TD is merging with Ameritrade, I hope their customer service doesn’t decline after the merger.

  2. Afonso

    I use thinkorswim. They are absolutely out of this world. Their customer service is just amazing too. It’s good to have a broker one trusts and likes.

  3. Anonymous

    Just opened an international account with Scottrade.

    Excellent service! Good telephone manner and very helpful.

    –An ETF trader from Hong Kong.


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