Carnival of Personal Finance #243

By | February 9, 2010

Happy Valen-week!  Are you ready?  J.D. preps you with this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance #243: Valentine’s Day Edition and intersperses his favorite romantic poems with his favorite finance articles. Ahhh, love.

His double star favorites (think double-plus-good!) are:

Pop Economics: The illusion of control — our compulsion to do something

Dough Roller: One Financial Goal to Rule Them All

His single star favorites are:

Four Pillars: Two Views on the Economics of Dating

Penny Farthing: Is debt okay if it leads to self-improvement?

Studenomics: How My Friend Made $2,100 From Tutoring

Think Your Way to Wealth: Is self-reliance a lost art in this day and age?

Financial Student: How I’m Receiving 30 Hours of College Credit For 15 Dollars

Personal Finance Ninja: 3 Reasons Why the Average Joe is a Bad Investor

Good Financial Cents: How to Choose The Best Financial Advisor/Planner for You

Foreigner’s Finances: Renting 101: What You Should Know Before You Sign

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