Cash is King

By | April 23, 2007

My parents are old school and love using cash to pay for things. They carry $200-$300 with them. They say it’s easier for making bargains and buying things on the street. Also, you never know when you may run into a situation where cash is needed and there is no ATM nearby.

I generally use my credit card for purchases, but there are times I cannot use one. Some stores have a minimum before allowing you to charge the purchase on a credit card. And when you buy things on the street, you normally can’t use a credit card. This is where cold cash becomes important. I usually carry $100 in my wallet. I think we should carry some cash with us in case of emergency. In the blackout of 2003, all ATMs and credit card machines were not functionable, but I still made purchases because I had cash on me. They say cash is king.

How much do you carry in your wallet?

2 thoughts on “Cash is King

  1. Michael

    I use cash to buy budgeted for items, but don’t carry any extra cash.

    FYI, merchants are not allowed to make you charge a minimum amount to use your debit or credit card. That is illegal, and against Visa and Mastercard’s rules. The merchant can be fined thousands of dollars if you report them to your credit card company. I can usually talk them into using my card anywhere they try to pull that stunt when I tell them this.


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