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Trouble Hits Switzerland’s Banks

The credit crunch has harmed a number of banks worldwide and Switzerland has not missed its fair share of problems. The second largest bank in the country has announced that it is making a loss in the final quarter of the year. But this problem has not just originated in America, because of the amount… Read More »

International Monetary Fund Issues A Report On Financial Industry

A recent report issued by the IMF (International Monetary Fund) indicates that the regulations, which are currently in place and supposed to protect the Western Banking Systems, could potentially do much more harm than good in the long term. The IMF even goes as far as describing them as ‘mutually destructive’; this is not a… Read More »

Lloyds Shares Up For Grabs

In 2008, the UK government bailed out a number of financial institutions to prevent them from collapsing. What is great news for the Lloyds group is the government is looking to reduce the amount of shares they currently own. This is because the price for the shares is at a higher point than what they… Read More »

Mortgages Problems?

There are many different terms that revolve around the mortgage industry, understanding what they mean can sometimes seem like a minefield, too many mines and not enough information as to know how to cross the minefield to the other side where the information is clearer and easily understood. Mortgages A mortgage is a loan on… Read More »

US Regulators Sues 16 Banks

The US regulator is planning to sue 16 banks for their part in the Libor rate fix between 2007 and mid 2011. The Libor rate is created by the larger banks contributing estimates as to the current market to form the Libor rate. This rate then dictates the rate that banks lend money to each… Read More »

The Federal Reserve: The Workings

The aim of the Federal Reserve is to look after the American economy; it is a way that allows for the protection of the economic growth and development. The original aim was to consider the working of the economic growth and allow the means to support the country by increasing the amount of money that… Read More »

What Return Can You Get From $10K

Investing $10,000 what are your options? If you have $10,000 to invest and you have no outstanding debt what are the options that you could be considering. There are a number of great options out there but for today let’s just consider the banking options, what could you get in return for banking your money?… Read More »

Great Banking Deals Or Not?

Are you feed up with your bank? Do you think that it is not providing you with the best service? Do you wonder where to put your money? Make money We want to be able to help you make money and make it work harder for you. What we are looking for are best interest… Read More »

The Crisis Of Credit Visualized

Do you understand prime mortgages or sub-prime mortgages? If not this short video will help you understand the crisis that has rocked the financial markets globally.

Who Do You Really Bank With?

Have you considered who you bank with? This is a great infographic that highlights the connections between the different banking organisations.