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DiscoverBank 12-Month CD 1.50% APY

DiscoverBank is advertising a 12-month CD account with a 1.50% APY. Click here for more information. about the death race 2 buried download movie

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TD Ameritrade 3-Month CD 1.50% APY

avatar movie to download full I received an email from TD Ameritrade today and they are offering a 1.50% APY on their 3-month cd for a limited time. CD Details Maturity: 3 months Minimum deposit: $25,000 Maximum deposit: $250,000 Rate: 1.50% APY To qualify for the CD, follow these simple steps: Register for this special… Read More »

Capital One Offers 5.5% APY CD

Capital One is offering 5.5% APY on a 7-year CD. This rate is among the highest yielding CDs available now. If you do not need the money for 7 years, this a very good investment with a low degree of risk. A CD can also be used to diversify your investments. buy tangled the movie… Read More »

High Fees for Withdrawing Pre-mature CDs

I have a 13 month Washington Mutual CD that’s going to mature at the end of September 2007, but I need funds in my checking account and I want to withdraw early from my CD. I called up the bank about the interest earned to date. I have roughly $1400. Then I asked about the… Read More »

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EverBank Icelandic krona 13.10% APY 3-Month CD

Empty Spaces Inc. said… have you looked into’s icelandic CD? it pay ~10% EverBank offers a 13.10% APY 3-Month Icelandic krona CD. The yield looks very attractive so I did some research on this CD. The CD is FDIC-insured. And the reason why the yield is so high is because Iceland is combating inflation… Read More »

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