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Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Fill up your stomachs and loosen up your wallets. Here’s a little history on Thanksgiving.

Growing Money Gets A Clean Look

Growing Money Blog is updated with a new, clean and simple theme, the PrimePress. The theme is minimalistic and loads up fast on web browsers. My posts now show up fine without any formatting issues. Previously, the images cluster up with the text and it was annoying. There is an option to display banner on… Read More »

Permalinks Structure Changed in Growing Money

The Permalinks structure have been updated for this blog to make the URLs look more legible. However, the new structure seems to have caused a problem for all the old links, which are now broken. If there is a post that you are looking for and cannot view it anymore, please use the search function… Read More »

Growing Money Blog Goes Green

Growing Money Blog has been updated with a new green template, the Passion Duo Green. This template loads up fast and has a clean layout. It was designed with adsense and advertising in mind. There are spots for ad units on the top and right side of the blog. It comes pre-loaded with six 125… Read More »

Updating Blog Template

Please note that Growing Money Blog is in the the process of updating to a new blog template on March 14, 2009.  There may be brief interruptions. The blog themes may be changed several times in a day, but all the links should remain intact. Please do check back later if you experience any loading… Read More »

New Blog Theme

I have switched over to the ArchitecturalDigest theme for my blog. I had noticed a problem with the i3Theme template. The right sidebar is not displayed correctly in Internet Explorer 6.x. About 20% of my readers are using IE 6.x so that is a decent size of the population. The ArchitecturalDigest theme seems more appropriate… Read More »

WordPress Updated to Version 2.6.2

I have updated the blog to WordPress Version 2.6.2 and are making some changes behind the scenes. There are some improvements in the new version, such as cleaner layout, faster interface, and more features to help with writing a post. What are some popular blog tools/widgets/plugins that have been used by successful bloggers? I am… Read More »

Current Thoughts on the IPO Market

I recently signed up for the NMM IPO and was allocated shares. But the stock has gone downhill since it went public on November 13, 2007. NMM was opened at $18 and closed at $19.17 today, a drop of 4.15%. I have noticed that some IPOs are being put on hold indefinitely. The EnteroMedics and… Read More »

Green Blog Themes

Pfstock talks about having green blog themes in his post. I notice the green theme is commonly used though. I do like the color theme of my blog. I hope it’s not causing a huge display issue in web browsers. Does anyone has an issue reading the contents on this blog? Let me know which… Read More »