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Growing Money is running a special promotion and giving out the month of April for free advertising for those who sign up at least a six month term agreement. That means, if you sign up for a six month agreement, the term will be from May 1st to Nov 30, 2007, but your ad will… Read More »

Google Page Rank

Google is giving this site a page rank of 0. I’m not sure why they penalize me. I didn’t do anything crazy. I did some research online and this site lists some reasons: your page is banned by Google (hand penalty is made by Google employee) your site was down when Googlebot last crawled your… Read More »

Link Exchange

Don’t forget to add my link to your blog. You would definitely want to be on the Growing Money network. If you don’t have a blog, you can add my blog to your RSS reader or subscribe to my email newsletters. Enjoy! Lots of exciting posts to come. Blog Title – Growing Money URL –… Read More »

About Sean

Who are you? I am an ambitious guy who is passionate about building wealth. My aspiration in life is to succeed in the business world. I want get out of the rat race and become financially independent. I am working hard to reach my goals. What is your background? I am in my mid-twenties. I… Read More »

My blog is worth $7339.02

I came across this site, Business Opportunities, which projects how much your blog is worth. My blog is worth $7,339.02. How much is your blog worth?

Search for "Send A Tune"

It’s interesting to see where clicks come from on my site. I have one click coming from UK Google’s search engine and the user was searching for “send a tune”. Amazingly, my post on Business Idea #1 – SEND-A-TUNE came up. I tried the same query on US Google and receive the same results.

Growing Money Blog Link

I was browsing on other financial blog sites and I’ve noticed that a lot of them still have my old link, Please update your link to Also, if I miss your link on my list, please let me know. If you would like to exchange links, contact me at growingmoney (at) or… Read More »

Q&A: Diamond Ring from Costco or Tiffany's?

Mr. Credit Card from Ask Mr. Credit Card emailed me a question. My answer is pasted below. I just wanted to hi to another fellow pf blogger. I found your site through the latest pf carnival and I wanted to ask your opinion about the following: I just wanted to hi to another fellow pf… Read More »

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If you’re a motivated and hardworking individual and love to talk about money, you could sign up to be a poster and contribute on Growing Money Blog. Please email me or leave a comment on any post. Requirement: One solid post a week. If you would like to have your own financial blog/site, Growing Money… Read More »