Credit Cards

Citi AAdvantage Credit Card 3x Miles Promo until June 30, 2015

I recently receive the below promotional bonus offer for my Citi AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ MasterCard. The offer may be targeted, so it’s best to call or sign on to your Citi online account and see if you have also received this offer. I do use this as my primary credit card as I am […]

Citi Dividend Credit Card – 2015 Quarterly 5% Bonus Categories

  Here are the quarterly 5% bonus categories for this year: 1st Quarter  (Jan, Feb, Mar) – Home Furnishing Stores 2nd Quarter  (Apr, May, Jun) – Home & Garden Stores 3rd Quarter  (Jul, Aug, Sep) – Airlines 4th Quarter  (Oct, Nov, Dec) – Department Stores Remember to sign up before you make your purchases.

DiscoverCard Targeted Offer $300 Cashback Bonus 2014

DiscoverCard recently sent out a targeted offer for a $300 Cashback Bonus. The offer is: Use your Discover card. Sign up by 1/31/2014. Spend $2,000 every month, from 02/01/2014 to 09/30/2014, and you’ll get $300 Cashback Bonus from Discover. It’s simple. Don’t change your spending. Just change your card to Discover. There may have been […]

Retirement Advice: How To Choose A Credit Card After Retirement?

Why do you need to maintain a good credit score after retirement? This is the most common question of every retiree. Most aren’t planning to take any more mortgages in their life, and they often tend to disregard their credit score. However, your credit score is the key factor that determines the rate of car […]

Are You Paying Too Much For Credit: Benefits of Low Interest Credit Cards

Credit cards are a charm to use. All you need to do is to flash that card for your favorite services and shop your way around the market. However, do you consider the interest rate you have to pay on the balance? Credit card debt is one of the major personal finance problems faced by […]

Top 5 Tips to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt

Feeling the burden of credit card bills! Quick tips to pay off your credit debt High interest charges and pending balances can drain your wallet rapidly. Credit card debt is among one of the major problems in the US. A recent study has revealed that out of every four individuals, one has a credit card […]

Are you making these credit card mistakes?

“Credit” is an excellent word used for loans. Most of the people do not consider the fact that credit card debt is a loan rather than free money. Consumers often borrow money to pay their existing debts. However, borrowing money is not the solution and it can even pile up interest you need to pay […]

American Express Centurion Credit Card aka “The Black Card” (Infographic)

Here is an infographic that shows you some information about the famous and prestigious American Express “Black Card.” Do you or know anyone who has one?

How to File a Dispute to Clear Your Credit Report

Clearing up your credit score can be one of the best things you can do for your credit. If you have a low score, get a copy of your credit report and determine why it is low. The IRS says that everyone is entitled to one free report annually, so use this to your advantage […]

Credit Cards Go Social (Infographic)