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Split Investment with Paying Down Debt

It is possible to make a commitment to invest whilst at the same time paying down debt. This is a positive step, investing for the future and at the same time being committed to reducing any debt that you have accumulated, up to this point in time. To do this successfully you will need to… Read More »

Understanding Your Credit Score

Trying to get a student loan? How about a mortgage, or a line of credit? You credit score shows lenders how credit worthy you are and determines the interest rate you will receive. This video will show you how to understand your credit score. Get the Scoop on Credit Scores at TransUnion

Clear Your Credit Card Debt

Financial Editor Farnoosh Torabi takes 2 minutes to clear up a complex topic. Clearing your credit card debt can be simple and done in 3 steps, so you can get started today. Sign up for a free Manilla account.

Is Debt Consolidation the Right Solution?

Being in debt is a situation that most people want to change. Having debts hanging over you can make life feel like it’s out of control. It can add stress to your relationship, your daily life and it can interfere with your sleep and health as well. The problem is that getting into debt is… Read More »

Refinancing Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

When it comes to refinancing, there are a couple of things which could cause you some really serious financial troubles unless you are really careful. Therefore, make sure you read the following lines and use the information wisely in order to avoid such a situation. Finding the Perfect Product First of all, it is very… Read More »