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Staying Financially Afloat

Amanda Steinberg, Manilla’s Financial Expert and Founder and CEO of, speaks from experience in this Manilla Mini. She shares what she’s learned about starting a business while staying afloat financially. Sign up for a free Manilla account.

How to Become Your Own Boss

With the economic situation only improving extremely slowly, and many companies continuing to go out of business, it is natural for many people to consider working for themselves.  Self-employment can seem the right way to go for those who want to control their own working hours and do something that they enjoy rather than going… Read More »

The Business of Cuddling

Just when you thought when people cannot think of more creative ways to make money, a woman, Jackie Samuel starts a cuddling business in her own home in Rochester, NY and provides professional snuggling service. She charges $1 for every minute of cuddling service and even has a name for it. She calls it, “The… Read More »

Shark Tank

I was recently introduced to this show and I was instantly addicted to it. I could not believe that this show was there since 2009 and I did not know about it. This show is about entrepreneurs presenting their business/ideas to wealthy investors, who are called “Sharks” and they ask for an investment/partnership in exchange… Read More »

My Goals and Project Statuses April 2008

As part of my journey to achieving financial success, I have always been juggling multiple projects and pushing myself to learn more and work harder. I have a full-time job and a stable income now, but I always want to achieve more. I know I have to work harder and smarter everyday to become better… Read More »

Received Check from Adsense

I received a check this weekend from Adsense. The check is for $110. It’s a decent amount, but it’s nothing compared to what this guy earned in the picture. How does he get to six figures?

About Sean

Who are you? I am an ambitious guy who is passionate about building wealth. My aspiration in life is to succeed in the business world. I want get out of the rat race and become financially independent. I am working hard to reach my goals. What is your background? I am in my mid-twenties. I… Read More »