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Salary Freeze: What It Means In Economic Terms

A salary freeze is supposed to be a short-term move that can enable a company that is in financial difficulty to prevent the wages increasing at the demise of the company. The idea is to suspend any normal pay increases for a period until the company is in a better financial position. The reactions from… Read More »

Budget Clashes

Paul Ryan’s budget clashes with the ideas of the Republican Party. They want to cut spending and this goes against the Democrats who want to build protection into the budget. But what would the budget, that Ryan is suggesting, do for Americans? Drop the income tax from the rich taxpayers down to 25%, this is… Read More »

Federal Reserve Sponsors Jackson Hole Economic Symposium

Since 1978, there has been an economic symposium in Jackson Hole Wyoming, and the Federal Reserve has sponsored this event since 1981. This event is attended by the financial minds of the world, from leading banking experts, to the academics that analyse the economic data. But it is an event that is restricted to the… Read More »

The Federal Reserve’s Tactics

In the economic climate, do you understand the importance and the power that the Federal Reserve has over the economic growth and development? It is interesting to see how it is trying to work for the growth and the well-being of the population, but is the objective working? The flow of money When the money… Read More »

Debt Ceiling Looming

The debt ceiling is looming and the problems that happened in October 2013 will be on the forefront of many people’s minds. The problems brought about by the closing down of the government caused many people to lose money and a reduction in income. This was because of the reduced number of people that were… Read More »

Know the Risks in Leveraged Buyouts

Leveraged Buyouts have been a topic of interest since their inception in 1960s. The phenomena gained popularity in 1980s with the takeover of large-scale companies such as RJR Nabisco. Most of the experts agree that the heyday of leveraged buyouts is over, but the immense profit margins are still luring investors into it. According to… Read More »

Understanding Microfinance

Have you heard of the term microfinance and wondered what it means? Do you envisage that it is some fancy name for some fancy investment banking? The beginning of microfinance You would be completely wrong! It is a term that is used to describe banking and finance that are on low incomes or they are… Read More »

World Trade Organization: Understanding The Basics Of WTO

“The WTO has one of the most impressive records in global economic governance, by promoting trade liberalisation and economic development.” Anna Lindh The world has transformed into a global workplace and most of the countries operate as open economies. Every international activity has an impact over the global economy. In a similar manner, global trades… Read More »