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Are You Heading For A Financial Disaster?

One of the common misunderstandings among people is the fact that they judge their financial conditions according to the salary they earn. However, a good income does not guarantee a firm financial strength. Recession left most of the American households looking to their savings and scrapping off their credit scores. The post-recession economic condition has… Read More »

Financial Services

Do you know the cost of financial services? It is staggering the amount that is spent in this field.

Credit Default Swaps

Have you understood the credit default position? This video will fill you in on all the details

How to Manage an Unexpected Medical Bill?

Life poses different challenges in front of everyone and medical emergencies are among them. How do you plan to handle these medical emergencies? Medical emergencies require your attention on dual fronts. First, you need to recover from the accident, and then you need to handle medical bills incurred during your treatment. Medical bills can cripple… Read More »

Pulling The Plug On QE

This is a great infographic that is looking at the Federal reserve and what the predictions are going to be whilst at the same time looking at the actual results from the past. It certainly makes for interesting reading.

The Widening Income Gap: What You Need to Know

Despite the heated political debates over the causes and consequences of income inequality that have characterized our nightly news for years, little has actually succeeded in combating the widening gap between the rich and the poor. In fact, studies on the data obtained from recent census reports have found that the income gap between the… Read More »

Credit Unions: What You Need to Know About CO-OP Financial Services?

With the declining reputation of major banks and mistrust among customers, credit unions are becoming the next front of the personal finance industry! Personal finance is a matter of significant concern, and especially with increasing bank fees, many customers are looking for alternative financial institutions. Some people are starting to believe that “credit unions” are… Read More »