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Bonds: The Simple Facts

There are so many different facts and information that try to give you the latest and most up to date information. But how do you know the information is accurate? The simple way to understand information is to ensure you are aware of the basics. This protects you from being misled or given information which… Read More »

Bond Market Getting Hammered?

Do you think the bond market is about to fall? Is there reason to be cautious with your portfolio that is centred on bonds? Do you need to evaluate where your money is invested? These are just some of the thought that you might want to consider after watching this short video.

Top 7 Investments for 2014: Get better returns in 2014

With the Holiday season ending, it is time to re-think your investment strategy for New Year. 2013 was a year of U.S. stock market where Standard & Poor 500 Index generated returns of 26.4 percent. One of the biggest reasons behind this performance was the Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing Program, which helped the stock market… Read More »

How to Balance Your Bond Portfolio With Rising Rates

Are you afraid of the effect of rising interest rates on your bonds? Most of the new investors find the relation between bond prices and interest rates quite illogical. When you purchase bonds, you invest in a stream of cash payments for the upcoming years. You receive these cash payments as periodic interest payouts and… Read More »

7 Reasons Why I Savings Bonds Are a Good Choice for New Investors

There are many great saving and investment articles that are circulating the internet on a daily basis and to find an article that is informative and gives practical advice is like finding a little gem. This is what I have found here, this article  7-reasons-why-i-savings-bonds-are-a-good-choice-for-new-investors is packed full of useful information about investing in i-saving-bonds                  . The article… Read More »

Investing Guide For Beginners

It is important that if you are considering investing and you are a beginner then you might be scared to take your first steps. The most important rule is that once you have completed your research and you are confident in your actions then it is important that you take the first step into investing… Read More »

Finding The Relevant Bond Information

Getting the right bond for you is essential and this guide will help you through the different options that are available. It is a great way to invest money but sometimes picking the right bond for you can be difficult. There are so many different options to choose from and knowing which one is the best… Read More »

How To Invest With $100

If you have found a $100 spare and you were thinking about the best way in growing money into something more, making your money work for you then you will have a choice of different options and you should consider the ones that will suit you best. This is not an article that will tell… Read More »

Junk Bonds

You might not think that this could possibly be an investment opportunity that you would even want to consider but there are options that you might not have considered when it comes to junk bonds, they can have their moments of attractiveness and they could offer a way to growing money, it will be quicker… Read More »

Understanding The EE Bond

The bonds that are available are varied and this is why it is vital that you fully understand the bond so that it matches your needs. The EE bond is only available in electronic form, the paper bonds are no longer being issued but as the length of time that a bond is current for,… Read More »