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Finding The Right Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a way for an investor to have a share in a wide variety of companies for a relatively low capital investment, compared to purchasing individual stocks and shares in a company. These funds allowed the stock markets to appeal to a wider audience and this has led to many investors making… Read More »

Index Funds

These can be classified under two names index funds or index tracker and they work the same. They are closely linked with mutual funds and are the cheaper alternative. They still have success in the performance; they are cheaper because there is less work that needs completing once the fund is set up. Costs They are… Read More »

Investing Guide For Beginners

It is important that if you are considering investing and you are a beginner then you might be scared to take your first steps. The most important rule is that once you have completed your research and you are confident in your actions then it is important that you take the first step into investing… Read More »

How To Invest With $100

If you have found a $100 spare and you were thinking about the best way in growing money into something more, making your money work for you then you will have a choice of different options and you should consider the ones that will suit you best. This is not an article that will tell… Read More »

How To Buy A High Risk Bond

Before you jump straight into buying a high risk bond it is important to understand the basics of the risk factors of bonds and then use this to work out your next move. As with all investment there is a risk that you need to consider before you make a purchase and that is the… Read More »

Stocks vs Mutual Funds

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of mutual fund investments and how they are the new “in” thing to grow one’s money. If you google it, you’d see a lot of comparisons between the two. You can go deeper, but for now, I’d  give you a very brief overview of the bottom lines. Before the… Read More »

What is a Mutual Fund?

What is a mutual fund. A mutual fund is a professionally managed portfolio of assets. Assets can include a number of different items including stocks, options, bonds, real estate and more.

3 Tips for Mutual Fund Millions

3 Tips for Mutual Fund Millions 1. Keep it cheap. All funds charge an annual fee called an expense ratio. But some funds charge more than others. Interestingly, there’s zero correlation between the size of the expense ratio and the degree of market outperformance. For example, AIM Charter B (BCHTX) charges 2.01% annually but has… Read More »