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Donate Your Unwated Books to BetterWorldBooks

  BetterWorldBooks collect and sell books online to donate books and fund literacy initiatives worldwide. If you have books that are lying around and you would not be getting to them anytime soon or know that you would never to get reading them, the best thing to do is donate them to BetterWorldBooks. I have… Read More »

Guest Posts

We have received many emails inquiring about Guest Posts, and questions about the requirements, rules, guidelines and topics. Please read below the requirements and rules for guest posts.   Purpose The purpose of a guest post is to promote new content and relevant information to readers. A guest post also allows exposure to a new writer, a less known writer,… Read More »

Vacations for Billionaires

Every wonder where do the super rich go on vacation? Since they have deep pockets, they will certainly have more and better choices than most of us. Take a look at some of the luxury choices. Expensive Vacations: The Moon Space Adventures provides the opportunity for you to blast off in a Soyuz spacecraft for… Read More »

Holiday Tipping

When the holidays come, the first things that usually comes to mind are gifts, receiving and giving. There’s no question for the former, but for the latter, we always ask the same questions. Who do we give gifts/money to? And how much should we give to these people?

New One Dollar Bank Note

There is an email circulating around that shows a new one dollar bank note. I wanted to describe it but a picture means a thousand words, so see it for yourself below.

What Do You Do With Your Coins?

I usually prefer to pay by credit card when possible to avoid carrying loose change in my pockets. But once in a while I cannot avoid it and receive loose change from paying change. I normally empty my pockets when I get home and store all the loose changes in a jar. I only store… Read More »

From Homeless to Multimillionaire

Meet Chris Gardner, whose real-life rags-to-riches story was turned into a Hollywood movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. Find out how Gardner rose from the streets to great wealth.