Money Ideas

Book Review ‘Tricks Of The Rich’ By Paul A. Overy

If you are looking for a book on growing money then this might be the book for you. It is written in very clear and plain English. The chapters are clearly defined and they cover a wide variety of topics. ISBN: 9780273736356 Price £10.99 The book is very well priced considering the information that the […]

How To Make A $100 Before The Holiday Season

Do you want to make some extra money or are you trying to boost your holiday saving budget? These are all tried and tested methods where if you put in some time you might be able to increase your budget before the end of the year. Sometimes the added pressure of the holiday season can […]

How To Make Money On YouTube

If you have ever thought that you could make the interesting YouTube videos, have you considered making some money from them? There are a few steps that you will need to follow to be able to bring in some money but if you are serious and can work hard then it is possible to make […]

Free Money

If you are looking for some free money or ways to be growing money then you might want to consider what products and services that are out there just waiting for you. There are many banks and other money institutions that are crying out for new customers and they have some great ways to entice […]

Stocks vs Mutual Funds

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of mutual fund investments and how they are the new “in” thing to grow one’s money. If you google it, you’d see a lot of comparisons between the two. You can go deeper, but for now, I’d  give you a very brief overview of the bottom lines. Before the […]

Earn Extra Money with Moonlighting Business

Need to earn a little extra money but the more traditional options that would require you to sell jewelry, have a yard sale, or sell unwanted items online just don’t sound up your alley? Then perhaps getting into the moonlighting business may be what you are looking for, as long as you are willing to […]

Discover Card 0% APR until January 2011

I received a promotion offer for my existing Discover Card, a 0% APR on new purchases made from July 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010. The 0% APR on the balance is good until the last day of my billing period in January 2011, which gives me a 6-month interest-free period. This offer came in […]

Make Money Ideas and Links #1

Make money ideas can be founded in conventional or creative ways; can be done physically or online, by yourself or with a group.  Below are some links that show how to make money in different ways. Getting Rich: How I Make an Extra $1,000 Every Month Freelancing (and you can too!) Mike from Personal Finance […]

House Cleaning – Turning Trash to Cash

I was cleaning up this weekend and I find a lot of things I no longer need anymore. I was about to throw or give them away but I thought maybe I can make a little experiment out of this. I’ll put up the items on the Internet and see how much I can make […]

Money Idea #9: Flea Market

Last Sunday, I went to NY’s Aqueduct Flea Market, the largest outdoor flea market on the East Coast. The flea market area is indeed huge. There are many stores and they sell items ranging from little 99 cent gadgets to sunglasses to clothing to food to luggage bags — almost anything. From what I’ve seen […]