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Ask And Ye Shall Receive

NOT JUST ANOTHER CRAPPY POST ON HOW TO SAVE MONEY  Rob Pivnick, Author “What All Kids (and adults too) Should Know About . . . Saving & Investing”   “How’d you get that for free?” “You got a discount on that . . .how?” To use a cliché, I wish I had a nickel for… Read More »

The Top Five Financial Mistakes when Buying a Car

For most of us, purchasing a car is a big decision, and one that comes with many micro-decisions along the way. You must think about whether you want to buy new or used, what type of car will best suit your lifestyle, and what you can afford to pay up front. It’s important to do… Read More »

5 Tips To Negotiate A Medical Bill

When Mr. Jones was looking for a minor foot injury for his daughter, he was astonished with the disparity in surgery costs at different hospitals. At the first institution, he was quoted a price of $10,000. Considering the high cost of surgery, he started looking around at different medical facilities. Within a week, he found… Read More »

3 Ways to Save Money on Last Minute Deals

The shopping season kicks off earlier every year, but consumer often find it difficult to complete their holiday shopping on time. December is full of excuses including work, football games, and parties to avoid shopping until the last minute. According to Consumer Reports (2012), more than 17 million Americans shopped on Christmas eves and up… Read More »

A Great Article, ‘20 Things You Might Overlook When Making A Budget’

If you are looking for inspiration for your budget then this article might just be what you are looking for. It is full of inspirational ideas that will jog your memory, there is nothing worse than completing a budget and getting the figures just right and then remembering yet another bill!   Bill Money There are… Read More »