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Market Failure

Market failure is a concept within economic theory describing when the allocation of goods and services by a free market is not efficient. According to Wikipedia There is more to market failure than just the collapse of a market. The government is also able to step in before a market failure to help bridge the gap. This can elevate… Read More »

The Anniversary Of The Maastricht Treaty

The 7th February marks a day of importance in Europe. It was on this day in 1992 that the signing of the treaty occurred by the European members. This treaty was the start of the joint powers where different nations that were coming together under this heading. What it started It is this signing of… Read More »

Amazon Prime: Buy Now, Before The Increase

For those of you that have felt the benefits of Amazon Prime, you might like to share this great saving that Amazon offers before the increase in price. Like many companies, Amazon is feeling the pinch. There is speculation that Amazon is losing money each time they charge customers because of the price of shipping.… Read More »

Debt Ceiling Looming

The debt ceiling is looming and the problems that happened in October 2013 will be on the forefront of many people’s minds. The problems brought about by the closing down of the government caused many people to lose money and a reduction in income. This was because of the reduced number of people that were… Read More »

The Superbowl 2014

The Superbowl is not going to be a surprise to many people in America; it is a high light of the America calendar and one that can bring much joy and happiness to the hosting city. This year it is New York and New Jersey are co-hosting the game. The hosting city is chosen years… Read More »

Welcome To the Chinese New Year

As with each Chinese New Year the year is marked with an animal; this animal then follows you and your fortunes around for life. It can help to work out the type of person that you will become. For many people this is part of tradition, for others it can be an interesting concept that… Read More »

Retirement GPS: Questions And Answers

We have been lucky enough to get the author of the book, Retirement GPS, Aaron Karsman, to answer a few questions. Hope you find them just as interesting as we have at Growing Money. Who are you? I am the founder and president of Lighthouse Capital Ltd., a boutique investment firm serving a global clientèle. I… Read More »

Happy New Year

Wishing the readers of Growing Money Blog a happy new year. From all the staff at Growing Money Growing Money would like to welcome you to 2014 and we would like to take a brief look back over the coming year. This will give you a brief glimpse as what you can expect over the… Read More »