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Amazon Starts Sunday Deliveries With The Postal Service Fleet

With Amazon planning to start Sunday deliveries with the U.S. Postal Service, the future of the postal service is starting to look more promising. The announcement came on Monday on behalf of Amazon that the company is planning to make deliveries with government truck drivers and office workers. Image credit: The U.S. Postal Service… Read More »

How The US Government Shut-down Costs You Money

The shut-down of the US government is down to the fact that they can’t agree on the budget. This means that the government needs to pass a law regularly to fund the government. When this law isn’t passed in time it means that the government shuts down. The basic areas of the government continue to… Read More »

UK Current Accounts

There have been some great developments that have taken place in the UK this week. We will no longer subject to massive time delays in moving our current accounts to different institutions. This is fantastic news for the consumers; it used to take at least four weeks if you let the banks move accounts from… Read More »