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Raising Money Smart Kids

Do you worry about the pressure of making the right choices to when it comes to creating debt? Do you understand the importance of money sense? Are your children able to budget their money or are they led by peer pressure into spending money? Today’s society is all about having access to credit, but that… Read More »

Good Credit Or Bad Credit

It is important that you understand the meaning of good credit; it is possible that you can have good credit and bad credit; it depends how you use the credit and how well you pay the debts that you owe. What is a good credit score A good credit score is part of the information… Read More »

Burial Insurance Plans

Protecting your family from costs incurred when you die can have many benefits. It will allow a set amount of money paid towards the cost of your funeral expenses. However, are these polices worth the money that you end up paying? Burial insurance plans can give you peace of mind. You know all your funeral… Read More »

Home Ownership Or Renting

It might surprise many that it is cheaper in the long run to purchase a home rather than renting, but there are benefits to both situations. If you are prepared financially and are ready for the responsibility of home ownership then it is one consideration that could save you money long term. Reasons to buy… Read More »