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Children And Finance

Where are we in regards to the teaching of children the basic principles of money management? We are seeing first-hand what this lack of education is leading to, with many young parents unable to balance their finances, and unable to write a budget from which to live; instead we are seeing an increase in these… Read More »

Why Retired People Don’t Have Enough Money

Planning for your retirement is important; it is vital if you want to have money with which you can retire and spend your days in comfort and without the need to work.  The problem is that people just aren’t saving enough money each month. After the average person has paid their bills and taken out… Read More »

5 Ways To Manage Your Personal Finances

Considering our current, difficult work environment, managing finances appropriately is more important now than it has ever been. Even those who are safely, gainfully employed can never be too safe with their money. The problem for many, however, is that formal instruction in financial management isn’t as prevalent as it should be; many learn financial… Read More »

Money Conversations You Need to Have Before Merging Finances

Money isn’t very romantic. In fact, besides picking up the check after dinner, most couples don’t seriously discuss money until after their finances are merged. However, entering into a marriage or combining bank accounts without discussing money is a rookie move that can ultimately lead to financial ruin, even if the relationship itself is a… Read More »

Shopping The Sales

Do you know how to get the best deals in the sales? Are you aware that you might be still able to get some great bargains? This infographic might have the answers you are looking for.         Shopping the sales [Infographic] by the team at kingsdownroots