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Is Now The Best Time To Buy A House?

Prospective homebuyers beginning their shopping process may feel pressured by the widespread belief that it’s the best time to buy. Although mortgage rates are at significant lows, there are more factors to consider before buying. Individual financial circumstances aside, it is a great time to buy because purchase prices aren’t through the roof and mortgage… Read More »

Buying And Selling Real Estate

Have you considered the real estate market this year? Buying a property is going to be cheaper than renting but many people just can’t get on the property ladder. The age of the average first time buyer has gone up significantly. Check out some of the other statistics below.

Top 5 Ways to Make Money from Your Property

For most people, your home is the most expensive thing you will ever buy and the most valuable asset you will ever known. Despite this, many people are missing out on the many ways you can put your home to work earning money for you. Want to get in on the action? Check out our… Read More »

How to Make Money by Flipping Houses in the Market

House flipping was one of the most profitable business investments before the real estate bubble burst in 2008. The real estate industry has changed dramatically and with too many players in the market, it is not an easy task anymore. However, house flipping is still a very lucrative business provided you understand what you are… Read More »

Great News: UK Mortgage Borrowers

With the recent news from the Governor of The Bank of England, Mark Carney, he has made the long term plans clear for the Bank of England’s base rate. This will give those that are looking at the future some certainty as what the future might hold and what the rates might look like. Investing… Read More »