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Ways to File Your Taxes

In this Manilla Mini, tax expert and CEO of, Roger Chinchilla, explains the different options people have to file their taxes. Sign up for a free Manilla account.

Post-Honeymoon Tax Tips

One of my good friends just returned from a long honeymoon in Hawaii. She had gotten married in early February and then immediately flown off to the islands for a week and a half of sun and honeymoon fun. You can bet that of all the things on her mind for that week and a… Read More »

McCain vs Obama On Your Tax Bill

How will your taxes be affected by McCain and Obama? An article from CNN Money shows the breakdown of the average increase/decrease for the various income brackets. In a nutshell: McCain wants to cut taxes for everyone. Obama wants to cut taxes for the majority of the people and only raise taxes for the highest… Read More »

Make More Money With the Same Paycheck

“How much are you getting back?” is the common question that I hear around the office and on the streets. That is the question people asked to inquire about the tax refund amounts from the IRS. I hear answers like, I am getting back $1000, $1500, or $2000, and these people are filled with excitement.… Read More »

Filing Taxes

I still haven’t filed my taxes yet. I have been receiving a lot of tax statements in January and February. It’s now March 1st and the bell is ringing. I have to do a lot of preparation before I can send my tax statements to my tax accountant. This year’s 1040 is going to be… Read More »