Chase Offers Real-Time Fraud Alerts on Credit Cards

By | July 8, 2010

Chase now offers free real-time fraud alerts on Rewards Credit Card. When Chase knows about a suspicious transaction, you will be alerted on your mobile device

I received an email from them and signed up. It took only one minute. Note that standard text messaging and other rates from your wireless provider will apply to your text messages. Since I have an unlimited text plan, it is not an issue for me. However, for those who pay for individual text messages, it is still worthwhile to sign up, because fraud alerts can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

This is how the fraud alert works:

  1. You will receive a text message immediately if Chase suspects a suspicious transaction.
  2. Respond via text message to confirm whether or not you recognize the transaction.
  3. If you reply that you don’t recognize the transaction, we will block any additional charges from your Credit Card account while Chase researches.
  4. If you reply that you recognize the transaction, your card is available for use.

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