Cisco closed at 18.15

By | April 7, 2005

It looks like a positive day for Cisco today. They closed with a 38 cents or 2.14% gain for today. I continue to hold my strong outlook on Cisco. The CEO, John Chambers have a lot to offer and the tech sector seems to be picking up again. Long term, the tech sector should do well and with Cisco being the leader in networking/hardware, Cisco will continue to grow.

2 thoughts on “Cisco closed at 18.15

  1. Jennifer Grucza

    Be careful with buying individual stocks – it’s much less risky to invest in mutual funds. When I worked for i2, I bought some stock through the company stock purchase plan. We watched the stock grow in leaps in bounds – everything looked wonderful. But the stock is pretty worthless now. Not saying that would happen with Cisco, but just make sure not to put all your eggs in one basket.

  2. Smarty

    Yup, definitely more risk buying individual stocks. I agree with you and I’ve been burned before buying individual stocks and high-risk mutual funds. Although I’m all for Cisco, the stock only makes up a small portion of my retirement funds.

    I decided to go forth buying Cisco with some money I am psychologically prepared to lose.


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