Closed HSBC Business Checking Account

By | January 3, 2007
I went to my HSBC branch and closed my Business Checking Account on December 30, right before the start of the new year. I’ve moved my Business money over to Fidelity Investment since I was not earning any interest in my HSBC account. Fidelity Investment was offering interest and check writing on my business account.While I was closing my account, my HSBC account manager told me the things that were going on in her department. She said HSBC will be implementing a Point System for staff members. Supposedly, the staff will receive points for opening new customer accounts, CDs, etc.
She told me there’s no points for closing accounts, and that’s why no other staff members were willing to handle the close of my account. She was a little disgruntle and frustrated at how picky (lazy) the staff members were. She also hinted how the Point System is going to cause more tension among the staff.
HSBC has excellent customer service. I hope they can maintain that.

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