Coffee Cup Madhouse

By | February 5, 2007

Every morning, as I wait for the elevators in the lobby of my workplace I would see a bunch of people holding a cup of coffee. Especially on Mondays. How many tons of coffee beans does America consume a day? What if these people don’t drink coffee for a day? Will they become less productive, or still be awake? I don’t drink cofee; I’m a tea drinker. I have been drinking tea more frequently since I started my current job. Tea also has a lot of caffeine, but I’m not dependent on it. I buy a box of tea and make it in the office kitchen. I believe that would save me more money vs buying it from outside. How much do coffee drinks spend a year buying cups from stores and street vendors, espeically from StarBucks?

One thought on “Coffee Cup Madhouse

  1. Tim

    alot!! maybe you should do a comparison of the paper coffee cups like you did for the credit cards.. i think the number would make us pause.

    if you must have starbucks, you should buy one of their thermal mugs so you can get your 10cent discount. I didn’t realize how much my wife and i spent at starbucks (although it is bad coffee), until the starbuck’s cashier would somehow forget to deduct my 10cents frequently despite the fact i go to the same one frequently. i had to point out that 14 cups (1ea per day per person) per week multiplied by 10cents multiplied by 52 weeks equals about $72.80 which adds up to several cups of coffee.

    then i calculated how much the 728 cups a year my wife and I spent at starbucks and decided, getting a $800 semi-automatic espresso machine was probably worth the expense.


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