Commuting to Work – Part 2

By | March 26, 2007

Commuting to New York City can be very stressful. The subways are crowded during rush hour and everyone is in a hurry. Because everyone is rushing to work, they are more likely to get into accidents and arguments with other people. Everyone is always in somebody’s way in the subway. There’s a lot of tension. Even a few seconds delay seem like forever, and then people tend to push. Pushing causes other people to react. And even if there’s nobody in front of you, you tend to walk fast in an attempt to reach work several seconds earlier. And this is where things can go wrong. You can slip on the stairs or bang into a wall. Accidents are more likely to occur when you rush, especially when you’re running for a train’s closing doors.

The same goes for drivers on the road. People who are running late tend to speed. When you’re thinking of making it to work as fast as you can, you don’t think about arriving safely as much. And needless to say, you unconsciously increase the chance of an accident.

I think it’s better to allocate yourself a sufficient amount of time in the morning to arrive to work without panicking and rushing. Perhaps you can wake up earlier, or you can eat breakfast at work instead of at home. And if you know you’re going to run late, it’s best to call in work and tell them you’re running late. At least then you’ve already notified the office and you give yourself some relief of meeting an unrealistic time. This way, you can pace yourself and not rush to work. In my opinion, it’s better to show up late then never.

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