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By | March 16, 2007

I live very close to my current work place in the city. During the cold weather I take mass transportation. It takes me 20 minutes by bus and train, and costs me $76 for a monthly unlimited Metocard. When the weather is nice, I usually walk to work. It takes me 20 minutes to reach work by foot, and costs me nothing. During the summer, I buy Pay-Per-Ride metrocards since I don’t use the metrocard everyday. But more importantly, walking is a healthy exercise. Sometimes waiting for the bus can get frustrating. Walking lightens your mood and relieves stress.

Of course, I know not everyone walks to work. Tell us about your commute. How much do you spend for your commute? And how long is it? Do you think it’s worth the time and money?

6 thoughts on “Commuting to Work

  1. Martin

    I take the A train quite a distance. For me to walk to work my rent would skyrocket. Much cheaper to live far away and pay the $76 (which is more like $50, since its pre-tax) for a monthly subway card.

  2. David

    I commute across the hall to my office, as I work from home. But that is why we have decided to sell one of our cars to save some cash, as I have discussed on my site in the past and today. We will be picking up a cheap scooter to go places further than I can walk, but living by the beach, most everything I need is right here!

  3. Smarty


    I live near the A line in Manhattan, but you’re right, rent in the city is expensive.


    Lucky you! But since your office is so close to home, do you feel it sometimes interferes with your mood to work?

  4. Investoid

    I have about a 7 minute drive to work. I live downtown so I pretty much have only a 35 minute ride to anywhere in my city during off-peak hours.

  5. Kelly O

    Every morning, I walk 5 minutes to the subway, I walk up the steps because my station is an elevated line. I take the N or W train in Astoria, Queens and transfer to the 2 or 3 train at Times Square 42nd Street. I surface again at 14th street. Then, I walk one avenue to my office. Depending on train traffic, the commute takes about 40 minutes door to door. I also rarely get a seat on the train because it is so crowded. It costs me $76 per month and I get a little bit of excercise.

  6. Smarty


    That’s a lot of walking. It sounds like you work close to the Meat Packing District (assuming you walk west). But then I know some people who walk from Grand Central or Port Authority on 42nd and walk to Herald Square.


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